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History of the Book of Jonah

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Revival in Ninevah came between 782 B.C. and 753 B.C. because of a man's heart that was changed after being swallowed by a Big fish. Being stuck in this Big Fish for three days and three nights, Jonah was willing to go where he was supposed to go in the beginning. He had a servants heart and spoke a one line prophetic message to the people of Ninevah from God. They responded with repentant hearts causing God to have mercy on them and for Him to spare their city.
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Father God,
We pray in intercession that You send Your Spirit to this man, woman, boy or girl that wishes to read Your Holy Word in this Book of Jonah. We pray that You fill them with understanding, so that they may discern and have placed on their heart the things which they need to know as they read this Old Testament Book. Thank You for hearing our prayer Holy Lord.
In Your great and Mighty Name we pray,